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Because of its mild climate, Lastovo is ideal for all sorts of activities throughout the year, especially hiking. Numerous asphalt roads with light traffic, forest roads and walkways lead you through picturesque landscape to the most interesting places on the island.

Best time for hiking is in May, June and September when the days are not too hot and nature is showing itself in all its beauty.

There are many marked hiking trails on this island, and hiking during the summer is much simpler since there are no poisonous snakes.

If you follow a few basic tips on safety like planning ahead your trip, paying attention to the weather forecast and taking a map of the island with you, you could have adventurous hiking trips all around this island.

You can visit the heighest peak of the island Hum or the most attractive peak Sozanj. Also, you can follow an Old trail and visit the church of St. Lucas. Or you can walk across the island, from Lastovo all the way to Skrivena Luka following one route and return to Lastovo choosing different route.

And why wouldn’t you visit beautiful bays Kručica and Zace, or choose route Pasadur – Kručica - Ubli? These are just a few of many trails for you to enjoy.

But if you prefer different  kind of active vacation, this island offers you a choice of wide range activities such as cycling, diving, sailing or you can go on a one day trips and visit Mljet, Sušac, Palagruža, Saplun.



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